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Um, what the hell has happened? When I left LJ about a year ago everything was all "Yay Slash!" and "Here's my knitting pattern, isn't it adorable?" and now it's all "I AM MORE PC THAN YOU!" and "PRIVILEGED PRIVILEGED PRIVILEGED!!!!!"

I am not trying to say anything, I'm just really really confused. What happened? Ontd is now losing it's shit over PC-ness, and I found out that apparently race-related fallouts have happened in not one, but two of my favorite fandoms. What the fuck?

I'm being completely honest that I'm not trying to start anything, and I'm not trying to make a point, I'm just being insanely curious. What the fuck is going on? Is LJ now the "Place For Race Debate!" I'm just terribly confused.

What in the frickin world did I miss?
Giselle - I'm Losing My Fucking Mind


There is society where none intrudes

I've recently realized how much I miss role-playing. I spent a large amount of my childhood role-playing online, and now that video games don't really do it for me anymore, I need some sort of creative outlet. I use to find rp partners on Gaia, but the quality was almost always lacking, and I've heard the quality has gone down even more since then.

Does anyone know how one finds role-playing partners? I was wanting to do a Snape(me)/Harry, but I don't even know where to look. (Also, anything FakeNews would be awesome as well) Does anyone know anyone who would be interested, or if there is a forum or such where you inquire about these things?

Thanks for any and all help.
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My Rally Story

I don't know if anybody really wants to read this or not, but this is my adventure at the rally! Sorry for the terrible writing.

This was written hastily, and not proof-read, so sorry about that. I didn't write about the whole getting there part of the story, because it was an absolute nightmare and I could write about three pages on it. However, short summary: Took Amtrak, was an hour late, they lost my luggage, couldn't ride metro to hotel because a man jumped in front of a train and subway was shut down, was lost in downtown D.C. for a good few hours from 8-10 P.M., and blah.

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Here's the link to my Facebook Album, with pictures from the rally:

I think you have to have a facebook page to view the pictures, but you don't have to be my friend. You can add me if you want, though! :D
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I got about halfway through breaking in a new layout, and then I just gave up. Jesus, I am so lazy. I submitted a short story for a class, and it was received quite well! The teacher was like "You have a terrible habit of having character A say something, then following that with the other character's reaction." Oops. I had to go through and fix that, and he's right, I do it consistently throughout my story, but besides that, he really liked it.

I was scared shitless about what people would say about it, but most of the people in class said they really enjoyed it. A few girls said they had to try and think of things that were wrong with it, because it seemed quite polished. Squee!

But anyway, who else is going to the Big Sanity Rally :D I'm going down Friday, and coming back Sunday, and I'm wondering if anyone knows of anything cool to do in D.C. on Saturday night?